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Paul Gozzo works in Real Estate Business Development for Residential Capital Management where he is entirely focused working with the largest institutional investors in the SFR asset class. Paul Gozzo loves working with RCM which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. When not working Paul enjoys spending time with his family, travel, music and sports including hockey, badminton and golf as well as other activities like hiking, fishing and hunting. Paul Gozzo also likes live music and misses living in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, but he is happy to be back home in New England where he makes his home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Feeezing in New England

Southern New Hampshire definitely isn’t the mountains; I️ live 5 miles from the beach and less than an hour from Boston. But every winter we seem to get a brutally cold week or two and it is never fun! My heart breaks for the homeless folks in this areas and so we have decided to look into how we can help. Blankets are not enough.